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Why you are in the right place with us

We are committed to you with empathy and heart.

We work with our customers in partnership as a team, based on trust and honesty. We are open to your vision and provide competent, personal, customized, and efficient advice.

As a young company, we have access to more than 20 years of experience in connection with the entire life cycle of a property and are the specialists in questions concerning residential property.

We have a very broad network of qualified partners in the real estate, legal, and construction industries.

Our services

Management of co-ownership and condominiums

Are you looking for a team player as a co-owner or condominium owner association who can provide you with adequate and comprehensive professional advice and information, support you as a partner and specialize in residential property?

Have you purchased a turnkey home and would like advice in connection with defect management?

Then you are perfectly right with us.

Management of investment properties

We manage as if it were our own property. Managing investment properties has been our daily routine since our education, which is why we can offer an all-around carefree package.

We manage with passion, prudence, foresight, a high level of cost awareness, and sustainable planning.

We are efficient in re-renting and in carrying out apartment changeovers because renters are as well your customers as ours.



Individually adapted, honest, and competent professional information about the sustainable residential property – taking into account your personal emotions and the stories of origin.

Construction owner consultation or representation for operation after completion of construction – already during the project planning and design phase of new buildings.

Have you purchased a turnkey home and would like advice in connection with defect management?


For managers

With a trainer specialized in co-ownership and condominium topics, for corporate educational purposes, to deepen the expertise of your managers or to bring them up to speed.

Methodology, didactics, and psychology – How do I lead an assembly?

For co-owners and condominium owners

Acquisition of extensive expertise on the subject of co-ownership and condominium ownership.

Mediation to resolve conflicts

Appeal to the ownership of the parties to the conflict, joint definition of the goal to resolve conflicts.

Support to create a clean negotiation environment to bring well-founded proposed solutions to deals, without pressure, and in a sustainable way.



Value ratio calculation

Advice on the division of units before the reasoning (plan basis).


Regulations for use and administration

Maintenance of value and investment planning (with our construction management partner)


    Apartment, single-family house, apartment building, land?

    These are our living spaces, carry stories within them, and need to be adequately accompanied and passed on to someone worthy.

    We stay grounded and provide compassionate support in every placement.

    Interim Support | Freelancing

    Do you have a staff shortage due to staff changes, vacations, illness, or maternity?

    Are internal restructurings and process optimizations underway that are eating up your time?

    We can assist in any capacity and in any specialty in the real estate world. With us you are exactly right with every request.

    “What’s important in a conversation is to also hear what hasn’t been said.

    Sabrina Boeniger





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    About us

    We live real estate | We share the same values | We stand up for each other | We love condominiums

    Sabrina Boeniger and Pia Maeschi met in the industry over 20 years ago, during Sabrina Boeniger’s basic training. After their apprenticeship, these paths diverged.

    The first professional reunion took place in 2014 at SVIT School AG, which offers the industry a wide range of real estate training courses. Pia Maeschi worked for the continuing education and Sabrina Boeniger started as a lecturer. In 2019, the two found each other again when Pia Maeschi showed up for an interview with Sabrina Boeniger in her condominium department. So history wrote another collaboration.

    Ermina Sivac, a successful and extremely competent real estate manager, was added to Sabrina Boeniger’s management team, specializing in condominiums.

    Ermina Sivac and Pia Maeschi enjoyed a steady, demanding education by Sabrina Boeniger in this field and learned not only to live it, but also to love it.

    In the summer of 2022, the familiar, perfectly coordinated team was in danger of disintegrating due to internal restructuring.

    Sabrina Boeniger founded Boeniger Immobilien AG on November 1, 2022, in which the team reunited and once again pursued its passions as a dream team, with full heart and soul.

    Pia Maeschi


    Real estate manager

    In the real estate business for over 20 years


    +41 76 707 55 08

    Sabrina Boeniger


    Swiss certified Real Estate Trustee

    Real estate manager with federal diploma

    In the real estate business for over 20 years


    +41 79 765 55 08


    Lecturer for the Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Real Estate Management at SVIT Zurich and SVIT School

    Seminar leader “How does condominium ownership work?” at HEV

    Ermina Sivac


    Immobilientreuhänderin in Ausbildung

    Real estate manager with federal diploma

    Since the initial training in the real estate business


    +41 76 221 55 08